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FORT WORTH, TX – “Interior Designers must protect themselves from contentious clients as well as others who may ultimately sue when a project does not go as expected,” Fort Worth attorney Elisa Fox told a sold-out crowd at the recent MetroCon17 conference in Dallas.  2017 is the fourth consecutive year for the Decker Jones attorney to speak at what has become one of the largest Interior Design gatherings in the U.S.   Her presentation was appropriately titled, “Design Liability: The Real Risks in Interior Design.”

Fox, a widely-sought expert in Construction Law, is making waves in what she calls the “underrepresented” field of Interior Design.  “More and more, Interior Designers are taking over the traditional role of general contractors.  Individuals building and looking to remodel spaces want someone who can do it all, so Interior Designers are tasked with not only designing a kitchen but then making sure that kitchen becomes a reality.  Many times, these creative geniuses are unaware of the legal risks they are taking on when they coordinate, manage, and oversee this type of project.  All too often, I am only contacted after there is a major problem or a lawsuit.  Presentations like the one I gave at MetroCon17 are designed to get interior designers thinking along these lines and encourage them to be proactive in protecting themselves,” explains Fox.

The presentation gives an overview of liability that can be either apparent or hidden in the design process, as well as outlines the important steps in contracting.  It also briefly explains insurance and design agreements.

“Interior Designers need all the tools available to successfully complete projects—from contracts to insurance.  They should even understand the ever-changing world of liens for those moments when relationships with clients do not work out,” continues Fox.  “Many Interior Designers think it won’t happen to them, but the risks are there and they are real.”

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