Estate Planning & Probate

You have spent years working hard to build your estate, and the attorneys at Decker Jones want to help you secure it. No matter the size, we will analyze your estate and build a strategy for transferring wealth and carrying out your final wishes. If there is one thing in life that remains constant, it’s that life is always changing. When changes arise in your life, we will help you reevaluate your estate plans and adjust them as necessary. We work to make sure your hard work is left in the right hands. From drafting medical directives to minimizing your estate taxes, we will help you take care of your future and your future generations.

Decker Jones attorneys have experience representing and counseling individuals and families with estate planning and probate matters including the development of comprehensive estate and wealth transfer plans. We can assist clients in drafting and implementing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives and other estate planning documents. Moreover, we assist individuals and families in all matters of administration of estates and trusts as well as assisting with guardianship and elder law.